Multichannel sales

When you have multiple different online stores or channels you can choose how those are handled.

For example, Mark has set up an online store in WooCommerce. For increasing sales he has decided to expand his sales to Sweden and Estonia.
He creates two new online stores for WooCommerce with different company names in those countries and in their own language. 

Now Mark gets to decide which option suits best for his needs for warehousing, shipping and invoicing. Mark could also set up stores for other brands selling different products via WooCommerse or other online stores we support. So they could have multiple stores with same or different brands and products.

The options available are:

Multiple different merchants/channels (one per online store)

You can open a new merchant in myOGO for each online store or sales channel. If you are selling the same product in every online store, stock needs to be split between merchants. For example, if you have 300 products in stock you can split equal amounts to every merchant. Different stores can have different products. You will receive separate invoices for every online store and there will be separate channel names in shipping labels.


You can also add additional channels (sub merchants) under the main merchant

Add additional channel for each new sales channel to your existing merchant in myOGO. The products are stored in one stock and you will see one list of products. You will also see one list of orders but the sales channel name is visible in the list. You will receive one invoice from stock and separate invoices for fulfill + delivery. There will be separate channel names in shipping labels. Instructions on adding new merchants here.


One merchant

You can add more than one integration to one myOGO merchant. The products are stored in one stock and you will see one list of products. You will also see one list of orders but it's not possible to know the sales channel. There will be only one channel in labels.


  Multiple merchants/channels Merchant with additional channels One merchant and multiple integrations
Stock Split between merchants One stock One stock
Product list Separate product list One product list One product list
Order list Separate order list One order list (channel name visible) One orderlist (no visible sales channel)
Shipping labels Separate channel names Separate channel names One channel name
Invoice from stock Separate invoices One invoice One invoice
Invoice from fulfill and delivery Separate invoices Separate invoices One invoice



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