OGOship pricing is action based. Costs consist of the following elements:

  1. Receiving of goods / incoming stock
  2. Storage space
  3. Order fulfillment


Receiving of goods

Reception of the goods is priced per hour. The usual reception time is 2 minutes per SKU. E.g. if you have 10 different products incoming, it will take us 20 minutes to receive, if all documentation is clear. Our customers can influence the reception time very much by creating clear "stock update" notes into our software before the shipment arrives. A good stock update (so called buy-in notification) consists of a list of the items incoming and the incoming quantities per item. If this is done correctly, the handling is very fast.


Storage space

Storage space is generally a fairly small cost. OGOship has different storage spaces of different sizes that depend on the warehouse selected: small shelves, pallet shelves, half-pallets etc. They are priced per day. We do not charge for empty shelves. In addition, we can store several items on one shelf space depending on the product, quantity of the title and the labeling of product title.


Order fulfillment

The majority of costs incur from order fulfillment and freight. Order fulfillment contains the following elements:

  1. Order pick & pack. For example EUR 3.10 (TLL, small parcel, one product title)
  2. Actual freight cost such as DHL, GLS etc. This usually varies between EUR 2 - 10.
  3. Packaging materials used when packing the shipment. All materials are mentioned in our price list. For example €0.33


How much will our services cost you

First please look through the Pricing section of our website to understand how our pricing works. The pricing examples especially are great for understanding the total costs.

We have detailed price lists in PDF format at myOGO. You can freely access them after creating your free credentials. 

We also have a logistics price calculator for checking exactly how much a shipment would cost to the destination country.

We will happily calculate your total costs for the entire service. By providing us with some basic information (e.g. shipping volume, stock volume), we can calculate your total costs. Please use the contact form below and we will send you your example calculation.


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