Primarily bundles are created in the web shop. If the web shop does not support bundles, you can create the bundles in myOGO.  Do not create bundles in both, web shop and myOGO, otherwise there will be two bundles in orders.

Bundles are created at the online store with their own SKU's. When bundles are transferred to myOGO via API, they are separated in to different products and every product has their own SKU. This way you can see the stock amount. The bundle itself has no stock amount.

Bundles can include e.g. 4 different products which are purchased as one product. These products are also sold individually.

Bundle orders can be made only via API, not manually on myOGO.


Creating bundles in myOGO

If the web shop does not support bundles, create the bundles in myOGO.

Go to Bundles page on myOGO. Click Add new.

Add name, code, and products included to this bundle.

If the product and the bundle have the same SKU, the product is automatically chosen to the order, not the bundle. The bundle and the product needs to have different SKU's.

On the Bundles page you can see all your bundles.