Customs information on products


In order to ship to and from the EU or UK, your products need the following customs information filled into myOGO:

  • Short customs description (e.g. sport clothing)
  • Country of origin (2-letter abbreviation e.g. CN for China)
  • Harmonization code (customs HS code)
  • For PFS warehouse also: Product composition (e.g. 80% wool, 20% nailon)

You can add the information manually under the product’s page by choosing the product and adding the information into the dedicated fields.

You can also use the excel import to update the customs information in bulk. First create a new stock update and download your product list. Add the customs information to the dedicated columns and save. Then upload the file to the stock update and click Update product data.

Note that the needed EORI and VAT numbers need to be also up to date in myOGO.