Unidentified products

When the goods arrive at the warehouse, they are identified by product codes or EAN-codes.

The goods are not ready to be sold if the warehouse is not 100% sure that the incoming products are the same as in stock update.

EAN-code is the fastest and most reliable way to identify the products. It speeds up the process and narrows down the mistakes. The products can be identified also by product code and name.


If the code is missing or unclear, the warehouse will create a new product with a new code to myOGO and take a picture if necessary. A notification of unidentified products is sent to the merchant.

The warehouse adds to the code letters XX, e.g. XX-2344-S. These products are found on the product list from where the merchant can modify with the correct information in place.

The unidentified products are placed in their own shelf until the correct information is in place.

If the product is not listed on the stock update, the merchant should change the product name and code to the same as in the online store. If the product already exists, just adding the right name and code is needed.

After the identification is complete and all the necessary information is in place, ask customer service to merge the products in the system and the products are ready for selling.


Stock update should always be done before sending any products to the warehouse. If products arrive and stock update hasn't been made delays and additional costs might occur. In this case the customer service asks the merchant to make the stock update. When the stock update is done the products are placed on shelves and are ready for selling.


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