VNL inbounding process


With shipping volumes increasing at the VNL warehouse, we want to ensure as seamless a delivery process of inbound shipments as possible.

As part of making processes more efficient and seamless, there is an adjustment to the inbounding process of containers and deliveries of 5 pallets or more.

When you want to schedule a delivery to the warehouse, please follow these steps:

  • The inbounding calendar of the warehouse is by default booked 5 working days ahead. Based on average lead-times from the port, including in most cases customs clearance and haulage to the warehouse, the total lead-time is 5 working days. Hence, kindly request / ask your carrier to seek a delivery slot for 5 working days from the date of arrival of the goods to the port / to the terminal. For example, if your delivery arrives at the port of Rotterdam on a Monday (day 0), request a delivery slot for the Monday next week.
  • It is strongly advised that your carrier books the deliveries directly with the warehouse. This streamlines the process.
  • Have your carrier send an email to (see further instructions on contents below). In case you have just started with OGOship and are in onboarding, copy in your contact person from the Customer Success- team to all correspondence. If you have been handed over to our Merchant Care, please make sure to keep copied in all correspondence.
  • As a heading to the email write: “OGOship c/o [your brand name] inbound [PO reference from MyOgo] inbound request”. 
    • Request a delivery slot 5 working days from the exact date of arrival of the goods to the port. It is easiest if your transport company takes care of the correspondence directly with the warehouse.
  • The following information should be included in your delivery slot request:
    • Proposed date and time of delivery
    • PO reference from MyOgo
    • Quantity of EUR-pallets / number of container(s)
    • Trailer or container (Either one or the other)
    • Container Number
    • License plate of truck (if available)
    • In case of container delivery: Are goods arriving as loose cartons or palletized?
    • Number of SKUs and articles
    • Max height of pallets: 1,80 m
    • EUR-pallets are strongly preferred, other types of pallet deliveries may incur extra fees or surcharges.
  • In exceptional cases, there may be a delay of 1 or 2 days in the inbounding calendar. In other times, the warehouse might have earlier slots to propose. It is advised to have your carrier coordinate with the inbounding team directly if an earlier slot is possible or not.
  • Should there be a delay in customs clearance or in the haul which would lead to missing your delivery slot, inform the warehouse immediately about it in the same email thread as before.
  • The warehouse assigns delivery slots, not the transport company. In case a new slot for a failed delivery needs to be arranged, check what the earliest delivery slot is with Remember to copy in your Customer Success contact or
  • Please note that the warehouse has the right to refuse delivery in case the delivery slot is missed. This is due to the fact that if the work for inbounding your delivery starts late, it risks the next delivery getting delayed as well. 
  • Should the warehouse still accept your delivery despite being late (for example 30 minutes late), there is a waiting fee of 42,40 EUR per hour. This is because the inbounding team is ready and waiting for your goods to arrive at the agreed upon time. 
  • The earlier you inform of the confirmed date of arrival for your shipment to the nearest port, the earlier the delivery slot at the warehouse can be booked, and the smoother the process goes.

With this process we want to help ensure a smooth delivery flow to the warehouse.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!