1. Online store integrations - General information

Our services can be used with an integration or without one. Once your online store is integrated with OGOship's warehouse management system myOGO, your daily activities are automated - your order and product information will automatically update between the online store and OGOship's warehouse management system myOGO. Features supported by the integration in different online store platforms vary. Please see below what features are generally possible.


Data storage in different systems

Between myOGO and the online store, one of the systems is the dominant one. This means that the system which is the dominant one, overwrites the information in the other system. Depending on the type of data, some of the information is kept predominantly in myOGO and a part of data is dominant in the the online store.

  • Product information: Online store is dominant
  • Stock balance: myOGO is dominant
  • Orders : Online store is dominant
  • Tracking Codes: myOGO is dominant


Product Information

The product information is held in the online store. The product information is first created in the online store from which they are transferred to myOGO. Most integrations support the transfer of product titles and product information. The transfer from the store to myOGO transfers for example:

  • Product code
  • Product title / name
  • Product description
  • Product photo
  • Product page URL at store


Stock Balance

Since the actual physical products are at OGOship warehouse, the stock balance is held dominant in myOGO. Product balances are updated from myOGO to the online store by a regular interval, usually hourly.



Orders are created primarily in the online store when a customer purchases products. When an order has a "paid" status in the online store, the order will be transferred to myOGO. At myOGO the order is set to the NEW state if all settings are correct. After that, the order is handled at OGOship's warehouse in COLLECTING state and eventually the order moves to the SHIPPED state. Once the order is SHIPPED, the information is transferred back to the online store. The online store can forward a possible tracking code to the end customer.


Tracking Codes

If the order is delivered with a tracking code, the tracking code is generated when the order fulfillment is done (SHIPPED at myOGO). Once the order has been processed, the integration transfers the tracking code to the online store, if the online store integration supports this feature. Afterwards, the online store can be set to send a delivery confirmation with the tracking code to the customer.