Open API for OGOship

OGOship has published an open API for developers. The API description can be found @ API server.

You can update products, orders and webhooks trough the API.


.Net standard 2.0 library can be found: Github or as a Nuget package.

PHP sample can found: GitHub.


Test account and merchant

Please create a free test account and a merchant profile to myOGO.

You can generate and copy a new secret token at the merchant setting edit page in myOGO.


Generating authentication token

The API uses an oauth2 JWT token for authentication. Currently it is possible to use a Resource owner password based flow to generate a token. The token is valid for 1.5 hours and must be refreshed after that time. The refresh token is valid for 2 weeks and for one refresh. The new refresh token is returned after each refresh.

Use server for token requests.

We only support form data and parameter data types (not json currently) for generating the token.

curl -d grant_type=password -d client_id=123456 -d client_secret=abcdef -d username=[merchantId] -d password=[secretToken] -d scope="read:order read:product write:product write:order"



You can find webhook models in the API description. API calls will have a "X-OGOship-Hmac-SHA256" header.

It will contain body of message HMACSHA256 calculated using Webhook key. Hash is then saved to header using Base64 encoding.

C# implementation:
var bytes = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(webhookSecretKey);
var hmac = new HMACSHA256(bytes);
var hashString = Convert.ToBase64String(hmac.ComputeHash(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(data)));


Your own Application ID and secret

You can test everything with a demo 123456/abcdef account.

Before you wish to go live, request your own application ID & secret from our Tech team.

When authorizing Ogoship API in swagger:

You can find username & password from -> integrations tab "API information".


More info about test merchant and orders

You can also test and get the hang of basics using GUI.


Any problems

If you find any problems, feel free to mail our tech team.