1. Installing integration on myOGO

Acquiring API credentials for

Note! This integration currently needs to be implemented with help of our support. If you wish to connect to myOGO, please send a message to


In order to make the integration possible you will need to acquire API credentials. This will grant you access to Client ID and Client secret that are needed for the integration.

Log into your Bol account and from settings page select section API Instellingen.

Options on the technical contact person will open. Fill in the following info:

  • Naam: OGOship support
  • E-mailadres:
  • Telefoonnummer: leave empty

Save by pressing Opslaan. Next press Aanmaken.

In the next textfield, provide a name "OGOship" for the credentials.

When done, press the blue button to create the credentials. The newly created credentials should now show up in the list.

To get the full set of credentials, click the Toon secret link below the listed Client ID. A popup will open containing the Client secret. Copy the Client ID and Client secret.


Integrating to MyOGO

Go to myOGO Edit merchant page and select Integrations. Click on New integration and select from the list.

Fill in Client ID and Client secret based on your credentials.

Remember to save your changes and to enable scheduled latest changes update after the goods are in stockYou can test your integration by pressing Test button.


2. Synchronizing products

Once the integration is set up, go to the ProductsSync webshop products. If the products are not yet visible, click Refresh.

When the products are visible on the Bol side of the page, click on all (or the desired products) and select Create product. Read more about the product sync page.

When the physical products arrive at the warehouse, the stock amounts will be visible in both myOGO and Bol.

Make sure that in Bol on products you want to sell Voorraad (Stock) is set to In eigen voorraad so product stock syncs to myOGO. Interne referentie will be used in myOGO as product's code, it is adviced to fill it.


3. Shipping methods

Please contact to discuss how to configure delivery types that our connected warehouses will use to send the orders.