Centra integration

1. Installing integration on myOGO

Creating API plugin for Centra

In order to make the integration possible you will need from to create API plugin in Centra to access API Key and Base URL. To enable a API plugin in Centra, go to SYSTEM, then select STORES. Select what store you want your API to connect to. Select +PLUGIN METHOD. For the new plugin, select the following options.

  • Status: Active
  • Name: *Optional name*
  • Plugin: Order API
  • Secret API key: *Your password*

Under plugin selection you can connect possible additional stores if you want to.

Under Get Orders with Status we recommend that you select Pending, Confirmed, Processing and Completed so we can access all the relevant orders.

From Allow access to the following endpoints we need the endpoints from sections ORDER & SHIPMENT and PRODUCT & STOCK. These settings can also be left as they are.

Otherwise it is recommended for the settings to be left untouched. Save the plug-in.

Copy and save the Base URL and Secret API key fields.

Integration to MyOGO

Go to myOGO Edit merchant page and select Integrations. Click on New integration and select Centra from the list. Do these steps for each channel you want to integrate.

Fill in Base URL and API Key.

Remember to save your changes and to enable scheduled latest changes update after the goods are in stockYou can test your integration by pressing Test button.

For setting up shipping methods kindly contact  for assistance.


2. Synchronizing products

Note! Make sure that in Centra all of your products including different variants and sizes, they all have different sku. MyOGO will create the sku of the product by adding sku, variant-sku and size-sku together in this order.

Note! MyOGO will use euro as the product's default price. Make sure you have prices for the products in euros in Centra.


Once the integration is set up, go to the ProductsSync webshop products. If the products are not yet visible, click Refresh.

When the products are visible on the Centra side of the page, click on all, or the desired products, and select Create product. Read more about the product sync page.

When the physical products arrive at the warehouse, the stock amounts will be visible in both myOGO and Centra.