Cratejoy integration

Creating API account for Cratejoy

In order to make the integration possible you will need to create API credentials. This will grant you access to Client ID and Client Secret Key that are needed for the integration.

On your Cratejoy's dashboard select Platform Settings and under it select API. Click on Generate a new Key. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret Key. Secret key cannot be accessed once you close the window. Once you hace copied the credentials click Done.


Integration to MyOGO

Go to myOGO Edit merchant page and select Integrations. Click on New integration and select Cratejoy from the list.

Fill in Client ID and Client Secret Key.

Remember to save your changes and to enable scheduled latest changes update after the goods are in stockYou can test your integration by pressing Test button.


Setting up shipping methods

Cratejoy does not support selecting shipping method as part of the order. In myOGO different rules can be set up so different shipping methods can be applied to orders. Please contact what shipping methods you would like to use.


Synchronizing products

Once the integration is set up, go to the ProductsSync webshop products. If the products are not yet visible, click Refresh.

When the products are visible on the Cratejoy side of the page, click on all, or the desired products, and select Create product. Read more about the product sync page.

When the physical products arrive at the warehouse, the stock amounts will be visible in both myOGO and Cratejoy.