Ecwid instructions

Go to your online store and add on the URL, after your store ID, a text "#develop-apps". This address will take you to a site where you can add a new app and create the needed access tokens.

Create a new app and copy the secret token.

Go to the myOGO "Edit merchant" page and click "Add" new integration.

Copy your shop ID and the secret token to the integration. Remember to enable scheduled latest changes updates.

Note that if the "Ignore products missing from OGOship" is enabled, the setting will ignore all the products missing from OGOship and will not add them to the orders. The safer option is to ignore certain products, e.g. if you want to send them yourself, ignore them one-by-one on the product sync page.

Read more about product sync page.


Setting up shipping methods


Go to your online store and copy the shipping method names to myOGO edit merchant page. 

Remember to link every shipping method individually to certain shipping methods on myOGO.

Read more about shipping methods.