1. Installing the integration

Go to the myOGO Edit merchant page and Integrations section. Click New integration and select Ecwid from the list.

Log in to your Ecwid account if you already have not.

OGOship integration DEV page will open. Click Accept.

Integration automatically fills in your Shop Id and Secret access token.

Remember to save your changes and to enable scheduled latest changes update after the goods are in stockYou can test your integration by pressing Test button.

Once you have integrated Ecwid you can add shipping methods and synchronize your products with OGOship. Instructions are on product sync page.


2.  Synchronizing products

Once the integration is set up, go to the ProductsSync webshop products. If the products are not yet visible, click Refresh.

When the products are visible on the Ecwid side of the page, click on all, or the desired products, and select Create product. Read more about the product sync page.

When the physical products arrive at the warehouse, the stock amounts will be visible in both myOGO and Ecwid.


3. Setting up shipping methods

Shipping methods that you offer at your online store need to be linked to specific shipping methods provided at myOGO in order to gain full automation.

In your Ecwid store go to Shipping & Pickup  Shipping & Delivery and copy the shipping method names to myOGO edit merchant page. 

Go to Edit merchant → Shipping methods.

Add new shipping method from the list and copy the shipping method name from your online store.


The "*" special character can be used as a wild card in the text or code. E.g.

  1. "DHL*" matches to "DHL-1" and "DHL-test"
  2. "D*L" matches to "DtestL" and "DYL"

Remember to link every shipping method individually to certain shipping methods on myOGO.

We offer a large variety of shipping methods.

  • DHL offers worldwide fast delivery
  • Omniva is a cheaper and slower option to ship internationally
  • GLS ships to Europe

After all shipping methods in your online store are linked to OGOship shipping methods, your setup is done. For more information read Shipping Methods.