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Setting up MyCashflow API account

In order to make the integration possible, you will need to have MyCashflow API account. You can create one from your MyCashflow store's admin page. From the navigation bar click "Account" and select "Users".

Note! To access your store's MyCashFlow API you need to have advanced or pro subscription plan.

Under "API accounts" click "Create account"Select name and email address for your integration. Email will be used in the integration as API-user.

After you have created API account, you can access generated "Password" which will work as API-key in the integration configuration. 

Integrating MyCashflow

Go to myOGO "Edit merchant" page and select "Integrations". Click on "+ New integration" and select MyCashflow from the list.

Fill in:

  • Store name. You can access the store name from MyCashflow general settings. This name is the same as in your default store URL (e.g.
  • API-username. This is the email address of your API account.
  • API-key. This is the password of your API account.

Note! These are your API-user's username and password and not your regular sign in information.

Remember to save your changes and to enable scheduled latest changes update after the goods are in stock. You can test your integration by pressing "Test" button.

Once you have integrated MyCashFlow you can synchronize your products with OGOship. Instructions are on product sync page.

Read also about setting up shipping methods.