PrestaShop integration

1. Installing the integration

Go to your online store and add a new webservice key.

Navigate to Configure → Advanced parameters → Webservice.

Remember to enable PrestaShop webservice.

On the edit page cross the view, modify and add sections. If you do not want to cross everything on the list, cross at least the orders, products and states.

If you don't already have one, create an account on myOGO.

Go to myOGO Edit merchant page and select Integrations.

Add PrestaShop integration by pressing New integration.

Copy the webservice key from your online store to myOGO fields Account and Password.

Add your online store URL and add "/api" to the end.

Remember to enable scheduled latest changes update after the goods are in stockYou can test your integration by pressing Test button.


2. Synchronizing products

When the integration has beet set, select Products → Sync webshop products. If the products are not yet visible, click Refresh.

Note that if the "Ignore products missing from OGOship" is enabled, the setting will ignore all the products missing from OGOship and will not add them to the orders. The safer option is to ignore certain products, e.g. if you want to send them yourself, ignore them one-by-one on the product sync page.

Read more about product sync page.


When the integration is set up, move on to setting up shipping methods.

To send products to myOGO click to export all products to OGOship.

If you don't want to send every product to OGOship, check the box Do not export to OGOship at the product shipping page.

Click to update the product info from OGOship.

Go to product page to check stock value.


3. Setting up shipping methods

Shipping methods that you offer at your online store need to be linked to specific shipping methods provided at myOGO in order to gain full automation.

OGOship module

The linking can be done by using the shipping method name or a code that has been set for the shipping method on the Edit merchant page. Enable shipping method from the list and copy the code or name to your online store.

Create shipping methods in your online store and then go to the OGOship module where you can paste the OGOship shipping method code.

Remember to link every shipping method individually to certain shipping methods at myOGO.

The "*" special character can be used as a wild card in the text or code. E.g.

  1. "DHL*" matches to "DHL-1" and "DHL-test"
  2. "D*L" matches to "DtestL" and "DYL"

After all shipping methods in your online store are linked to OGOship shipping methods, your setup is done. For more information read Shipping Methods.