Shopify integration

There are several ways to install integration depending on whether you are already using OGOship.

Read this if you have account and merchant on myOGO.

Read this if you do not have user or merchant account on myOGO



Shopify integration is installed directly from myOGO.

If you have an existing merchant account to link with Shopify

Start by signing in to myOGO.

Select existing merchant under Globe icon (if not selected already).


Edit merchant settings under Globe icon → Edit merchant.

Search for Link to Shopify shop under title Integrations. Fill in address of your Shopify shop to dialog.

You will be transferred to your Shopify shop.

Agree to installing OGOship inside your Shopify.

Note! Make sure that you return to myOGO after agreeing to install OGOship application.

Shopify is now linked and you can proceed with adding products to myOGO.


You can add multiple Shopify shops to one merchant. Just click link to Shopify shop and a new shop can be linked.

Remember to enable automatic changes to web shop on the Edit merchant page after the goods are in stock.

You can choose different senders to every shop but before that you need to create an additional sender (sub merchant) and add sender's information. Read more about multichannel sales.


If you do not have a user or merchant account on myOGO

Here you can find instructions for merchant settings.

Search OGOship app from Shopify applications.

Install application and you will be directed to myOGO.

Shopify is now linked and you can proceed with adding products to myOGO.



Adding products from Shopify to myOGO

Select Product list under Shopify menu.

You will see all products from Shopify and myOGO side by side.

Select all products you wish to use with OGOship and click Create product. Products are added to OGOship.

Read more about product page features.

You can add multiple Shopify shops to one merchant. The API is always active in every store, but in the user interface, the product list will only show the list of the current active online store you are clicked into.

Note that if the "Ignore products missing from OGOship" is enabled, the setting will ignore all the products missing from OGOship and will not add them to the orders. The safer option is to ignore certain products, e.g. if you want to send them yourself, ignore them one-by-one on the shopify product page.

Read more about product sync page.


Setting up shipping methods


Shipping methods that you offer at your online store need to be linked to specific shipping methods provided at myOGO in order to gain full automation.

The linking can be added by using the name that has been set for the shipping method at your online store. Go to Shopify settings and navigate to shipping zones. Copy shipping names to myOGO.


If you are using Nordic Shipping App the shipping method configuration is a bit different.

Follow the instructions for Nordic Shipping App shipping method configuration here.

Go to Edit merchant → Shipping methods.

Add new shipping method from the list and copy the shipping method name from your online store into Codes in online store.


The "*" special character can be used as a wild card in the text or code. E.g.

  1. "DHL*" matches to "DHL-1" and "DHL-test"
  2. "D*L" matches to "DtestL" and "DYL"

Remember to link every shipping method individually to certain shipping methods on myOGO.

We offer a large variety of shipping methods.

  • DHL offers worldwide fast delivery
  • Omniva is a cheaper and slower option to ship internationally
  • GLS ships to Europe


After all shipping methods in your online store are linked to OGOship shipping methods, your setup is done. For more information read Shipping Methods.


Setting order's automatic fulfillment in Shopify

Once the integration is in place it is recommended to enable automatic fulfillment or order's items in Shopify. This way you don't need to fulfill all orders manually. To enable automatic fulfillment follow these steps:

  1. Find the Order processing section.

  2. Under the heading After an order has been paid, select Automatically fulfill the order's line items. You can also select Notify customers of their shipment via email if you want an email to be sent when the order is automatically fulfilled.

  3. Click Save.

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