Wix instructions

Go to myOGO "Edit merchant" page and add Wix integration. Allow and install for OGOship to have the access to your online store.

Remember to enable scheduled latest changes update after the goods are in stock.

At your online store the setting "Track inventory" needs to be set on for the products. If you have variants, check the "Manage pricing and inventory for variants" and "Track inventory" for variants.

Every product and variant need to have an unique SKU.

Go to "Product sync page" and you will see your products at your online store and myOGO side-by-side. Select the products you wish to create to myOGO and click "Create product" on the upper left corner. The selected products are created to myOGO and when stock update arrives to the warehouse the stock amount will be visible and transferred to your online store.

Read more about product sync page.

When configuring the shipping methods the name of the delivery option at your online store needs to match the shipping method name at myOGO exactly. Copy the delivery option name from your online store to myOGO shipping methods.

Read more about setting up shipping methods.