Product data

If you are not using an integration, you can import your product data by using xlsx import or manually.

Go to "products page" and download "product list".

You can also import product information by making a stock update with this same product list. Read more about stock update instructions.

Fill in in the product list with at least: "code", "name" and "price". You can add other information also if you want. You can also modify and add information on the "product page" on myOGO later if you wish.

If you are making a stock update, also fill in the incoming quantity.

If you want to add products manually, click "add new" and fill in the product information.

Fill in at least:

  • product name
  • product code
  • price

The product code is a key element used with the product name to identify the right products. Read more about product codes.

On the product page you can add stickers to your products. Read more about stickers.

Here you can find instructions for placing an order.

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