Placing an order


If the orders are not transferred to myOGO by integration, here is a guide to how to create orders manually. These orders are not transferred to the online store.

Go to the Orders page and click Add new.

Fill in the buyer's name, address, email and phone number. Without this information the order will not be shipped.

In the next box fill in the delivery type. Note! You need to choose the country first to select the delivery type.

Now you can add products to the order.

You can search the products by name or code. Fill in ordered quantity.

For customs fill in a short description about the product. Add also country of origin.

Orders can also be imported by excel file.


After changing the order status to NEW, the order goes to the warehouse to be collected and shipped. If there are no products in stock, the order will not be shipped. You will receive an email that the order status is PENDING. When more items are received at the warehouse, the status will automatically change to NEW, and the order is handled.

If you want, you can split the order and ship the products that are in stock. 

If you need to modify the order, change the order status to DRAFT. Remember to save it back to NEW after you are done.

If the order is missing a delivery method, the order status is changed to RESERVED. You will receive an email that the order status is RESERVED and requires your action. Read more about outgoing shipment and order status

When the order status changes to COLLECTING and you need to edit or cancel the order, use the Request a cancellation or Request to modify order request. Read more about editing an order.

If you have any concerns or questions about the order, click Ask a question concerning order, fill in the form, and customer service will reply to you.

If you want to add additional notes, giveaways or other supplements to the order, e.g. product information or a manual, click to Choose File.

The warehouse prints out the document and adds it to the shipment. You can also send the supplement to the warehouse yourself, and the warehouse adds it to the shipment.

The cost varies depending on the size of the supplement or printed document e.g. printed document 0,10 €, small light supplement 0,25 €. The cost of each attachment varies with size, and is viewed case by case.

Read also adding receipt to an order for customs.

You can also add your own stickers to the order. Send the stickers to the warehouse and they will be placed on the product or package when the order is shipped.


If you want to follow the attachment balance at the warehouse, you need to add the supplement to the cart at your online store as an actual product with a product code. But this is not necessary. The warehouse can add the stickers you sent, on request.

Read more about additional notes.

Own packaging material cost is 0,25 € per shipment. You can request this at

After you have saved the order in NEW state, you can see the status of your order on the Orders page.

Read next about order customization requests.