Additional notes and giveaways

OGOship can add add-ons to outgoing shipments. Add-ons can be e.g. stickers, giveaways, return form, coupons etc. It can also be a product, e.g., "buy three and get one free". Please make a request for add-ons from OGOship's Merchant care:

The pricing varies warehouse by warehouse. Please see the official price list for detailed pricing. The pricing varies between 0.10 EUR - 0.50 EUR, depending on the warehouse.

We can also create business rules with our Campaign engine that enable the adding of add-ons for e.g. orders that go to a certain country.

Please note that add-ons can also be created in the online store as a product of its own. You can also automate add-ons in your own platform if it supports them. 


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