Order customization requests


The order customization request process is going to be changed from 13th Nov 2019 onwards. This change is made for a more reliable processing of requests in the orders.

The merchant can decide whether to forward the customization requests to the warehouse or deny them going forward.

Customer service is always free of charge, only forwarded comments or customization of orders bear a cost.

On the edit merchant page, go to "Order processing" and select the option that best suites your online store.


NOTE: Order customizations are regarding the handling of an order at the warehouse and not regarding special instructions for the logistics companies about how to deliver the order. Order customizations should only be used for special requests regarding packing or handling the goods at the warehouse


The order customization requests can be used for VNT, TLL and GOT warehouses.

Merchant settings for handling order customizations

The setting is named "Order customization settings for integrations". The setting has three options:

  1. Stop orders and notify merchant of customizations
  2. Forward requests to OGOship
  3. Remove order customization from orders


Settings explained

When "(1) Stop orders and notify merchant of customizations" is chosen, every order that includes something written in the order customization field goes to the RESERVED state.

This action sends an email to the merchant, who is in charge of changing the order status to NEW.

Before changing the order status, the merchant can decide to (1) forward the customization request to the warehouse or (2) remove it.

When the merchant chooses "(2) Forward requests to OGOship", all customization requests are forwarded and no notification is sent to the merchant.

OGOship handles every customization request and the work related to the requests is charged.

"(3) Remove order customization from orders" removes all customization requests automatically and no fees apply.


Customer service at OGOship is free of charge. Fees apply only when customer service makes changes to the orders, customizes orders or checks products, takes photographs and other work which is not related to the normal pick & pack process.

We try to work with our customers as transparently as possible and therefore we have provided some examples of the customization done at the warehouse. Customizations have a split price:

  1. The deciphering and the coordination of the customization request done by customer service
  2. The actual extra work done related to the request done by the warehouse staff.

In many cases, it might be enough that customer service changes the order (e.g. adds a product as requested) and deletes the request before it is sent to the packing station. In these cases only the coordination cost of customer service is invoiced. If the customization requires work to be done at the warehouse, this will be invoiced in addition to the coordination work according to the normal hourly work rate of the warehouse in question.

The minimum invoiced deciphering and coordination time is one minute. In case the total time for coordinating takes more than 10 minutes, a separate work order will be created and invoiced. 

Example request Invoicing

Minor check or reminder that it have been read and passed through without changes

1 minute
Check one stocked product in the order for some minor details 3 minutes + work request at the warehouse for the product check
Make a minor customization to the order e.g. the addition of a sample product 3 minutes
Add one additional stocked product to the order which requires the modification of the order 3 minutes
Print and include a 1-page B&W PDF attachment, with the request written as a customization request. The actual attachment is already attached to the order. 1 minute
Print and include a 1-page B&W PDF attachment, no written order customization request. The actual attachment is already attached to the order. No charge
Print and include a 1-page B&W PDF attachment, which is sent to customer service in a separate email. 3 minutes
Add multiple products / add-ons to the order according to the request

1-10 minutes or a separate coordination hourly work

Price table:

Total time of request Price
1 minute €0.82
3 minutes €2.45
10 minutes €8.17
>10 minutes Customization hourly rate

The customization coordination of the work done by customer service that is over 10 minutes, is invoiced with the order customization hourly rate, currently EUR49.00 / hour

How to avoid unnecessary order customizations and costs

Text based order customizations always need a person to read and decipher the text. No text based customizations can be sent to the actual packing stations at the warehouse and therefore the actual orders always need to be edited according to the requests. If additional requests and fees want to be avoided, we recommend using one of these two settings for your merchant profile:

  1. Either use the "Remove all requests" setting and no additional fees will apply because they are removed automatically
  2. Or use the "Stop order and notify of comments" setting and remove the requests manually, order by order, when you receive a notification of request to your email.


Handling time of request

The handling time of requests depends on the complexity of the matter to be handled. In general though, all order customization requests take at least some time to process and there is always a chance that the order cannot be shipped on the same day.

If an order has a customization request, the order is taken out of the routine order processing system. If the request is not removed automatically or by the merchant, it is read by customer service. Customer service goes through the list of requests multiple times during a business day. There might be a delay of some hours between the submission of a request and the first reaction to it by customer service. If the request is easily understood and if it requires a short time for customer service to implement, the customization is done on the same day and the order is shipped out during the same day. If customer service needs to contact the merchant for clarifications to the request, the order will most likely not be shipped on the same day, as reply times lengthen the processing of the request. In these cases the order will be shipped the following day.

We have provided a table that describes some examples of order customizations, also giving an idea of the time it takes to process requests.


Campaign engine

The campaign engine is a new feature by OGOship that will be launched at the end of 2019. The engine is a very robust tool that renders many manual order customizations obsolete. With the campaign engine our users will be able to create business rules that control order customizations automatically. The engine works by sets of conditions and events that allow very powerful customizations to some or all orders without the need of manual changes.

More information concerning the campaign engine will be released when we start rolling out this new feature.

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