Outgoing shipment and order status

It is important to understand the different states for outgoing orders. In the table below are described the different states and their purpose. Below are also listed the checks done to validate new order in myOGO.


Standard states


Next state


This will not be shipped until you or the API saves the order to the NEW state. This is the editing state for orders.

There is no stock reservation for the products.


The order will be transferred to warehouse's management system as soon as the warehouse has verified it. After that the status will change to COLLECTING. The order cannot be edited in this state and you need to move the order to the DRAFT state before editing.

The stock for the products is reserved but not deducted.


The order has been transferred to warehouse's management system. The order is now being processed. You cannot edit the order any longer as it is already being processed.
The stock for the products are deducted.

Note! If you would like to edit the order, you need to request a CANCELLATION action for this order. Press the "Request a cancellation" button and if the warehouse is still able to stop the order handling process the order will be placed in CANCELLED status. Cancellation might not be possible depending on how far in the process the order is. If the order is too far in the process, you will get an message telling that cancellation is not possible.

SHIPPED The warehouse has collected and packed the order. It is either waiting pick-up from the freight forwarder or it is being transported.  

Waiting states


This order is waiting for stock. One or more of the products inside this order has a stock level that is below the required level. The order will automatically be transferred to the NEW state when the stock level is adequate.

The stock for the products is reserved but not deducted.


The order is waiting and will not be shipped automatically before it is moved and saved to the NEW state by you, our staff or the API. RESERVED can be also used to reserve the stock for this order for future shipping.

The stock for the products is reserved but not deducted.


Static states


The order has been cancelled and it will not be shipped out unless it is again activated and saved into the NEW state.

The stock reservation for the products is released, therefore there is no stock reservation.

RETURNED The order has been returned to the warehouse.  


Checks done when order enters myOGO from integration

When the order enters the myOGO from the integration, the system checks that order has correct info for it to be updated to the warehouse. If the these validations pass, the status is changed to NEW. If the some of the checks fail, the status is changed to RESERVED instead of NEW if some of these checks fail. If there is not enough stock for the order, the status is moved to PENDING.
These are the main checks to validate order:
  • Order needs to have products or bundles with some quantity
  • The same order reference number is not already in use
  • Address does not have missing needed fields
  • Phone number is found and in correct format
  • Email is filled and in correct format
  • Delivery type selected
  • Delivery type is activated
  • Delivery type is usable in given warehouse
  • Remote area check: is the customers address in remote area list on the providers data
  • International shipment: in non-EU delivery orders, products need to have price
  • HS code checked if order crosses customs border
  • Cash on delivery is not 0


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