Picking up products from the warehouse

When you would like to manually come and pick up products yourself from an OGOship warehouse, some of the warehouses do support this. However, please verify from our Merchant care at service@ogoship.com if your warehouse supports pick-ups. 

If the warehouse supports pick-ups, the procedure is as follows:

the warehouse just make an ordinary order on myOGO. This way the amounts match correctly on myOGO and the warehouse.

  1. Create an order into myOGO listing the products and quantities you would like to pick up
  2. Add the address of the warehouse in question as the destination address to the order
  3. Add the person's name who is picking up the products to the receiver field of the order
  4. Add to the order customization (free text) field the requested date of the pick up
  5. Select delivery type "Special, other"
  6. Save to NEW state


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