Work assignment to the warehouse

Sometimes a nicely wrapped package, e.g., on a Mothers' Day can be something that you want to offer to your customers. Contact our customer service with the work assignment instructions and we can pick & pack the orders according to your requests.

The instructions need to be simple and with photos to increase the understanding at the warehouse of what the merchant wants; e.g. how to collect and pack the products or make special packages for certain products or orders.

Simple assignment example:

  1. Take one piece of product 123-45
  2. Take one sticker 113-45 and stick it onto the right side of product 123-45
  3. Wrap carefully into gift paper 554-234

Please send your request for the assignment of work 1-2 days before implementation. Assignment requests are sent to customer service at:

The work assignment is charged as an hourly based work found on the warehouse price list concerning the specific warehouse.


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