2. Sign up and add merchant info

Signing up and add your merchant's info


In myOGO a "Merchant" is our name for an online store or other warehousing unit. A user account (login with your email) can "own" many Merchants and the rights to use a Merchant can be given to any OGOship user. Here are instructions on signing in and setting up your first merchant.


Go to myOGO and sign up.

  • Fill in your name, email and create a password
  • Create a merchant. You can start by creating a DEMO merchant and change it later to a real one
  • You can start by just selecting Public testing warehouse. This can be used for test orders and stock. Other warehouses can be added later.

The front page shows you info on orders' statuses and it contains useful links. On the footer can be found Terms and Conditions for the use of OGOship services and Privacy Policy. You can always return to the first page by clicking the OGOship logo on the upper left corner.

Next the merchant's info needs to be added.

Click the Merchant icon. From this selection you can add, edit or deselect merchants. You can add multiple merchants to myOGO, or additional channels. Read more about multichannel sales. To fill in info of your merchant click Edit merchant.

Send an email to contracts@ogoship.com and ask for a customer contract to be sent to your email. Confirm the contract before the first shipments. When filling the info on the Edit merchant page, remember to save!

  • Fill in your official company information for the customer contract
  • Then fill in channel information. This is shown on shipping labels
    - If you have multiple online stores, you can make multiple merchants, or make additional channels. It is also possible to add multiple integrations to only one myOGO merchant. Read more about multichannel sales
  • Select your invoicing method
  • If you want to link more people to this merchant, you can add their email on the Linked users page
  • Next you can add integration to your myOGO merchant. Depending on your online store, find instructions for integration here
  • After integration is complete, setting up shipping methods is needed. You can find more detailed instructions for setting up shipping methods here


Go through every section and add needed information.


Other merchant related info


Shipping methods

Activating new shipping methods needs always to be done through OGOship. Enabling the shipping methods will be done for you during the onboarding and later on through the Merchant Care. Shipping methods are enabled in myOGO at the Merchant setting page where you need to link the shipping methods to your online store's delivery methods. The activated shipping methods will be available for both the online store integration and when manually editing or adding orders.


API Credentials

If you are installing an integration to your online store, you might need the API credentials to transfer your orders to myOGO etc. These are found in Edit Merchant Integrations: Merchant ID and Secret token. MyOGOwill automatically generate a unique ID and secret token in order to open integration between my.OGOship.com and your online store. Again, remember to save after changes!


Creating new merchants

You can create more Merchants with the same username if you want to maintain multiple online stores or multiple inventory views. A new merchant is created at the Merchant page with Add new. When creating a new merchant, remember to add all the needed info.


The next step is to import your product data to myOGO.