Product codes

Importance of individual codes


As we are processing thousands and thousands of articles on a daily basis, across a growing number of warehouses, identification is crucial. To optimize your own sales and flow of goods, please read this carefully and remember to demand these if needed from your procurement source as well!


Product code/SKU

Every product needs to have a unique product code or SKU. This code is imported to myOGO from your online store by integration, xlsx import or manually with a product name and other information.

When the goods arrive at the warehouse the product code is a key element used with the product name to identify the right products. Matching the codes 100% without a doubt between the physical world and the digital info is the key for a smooth flow of your goods.

The code needs to be clear, short and attached to the product. It can contain letters and numbers but do not use / or \ characters in product code. 

A good code could look something like "shirt-345678-XS".

In some rare exceptional cases we can handle products without any product code attached to the actual product. For example in such tiny products no individual SKU is possible to have. In these cases we need the code in the bag / box anyway. Please check your OGO representative if any doubts about the identificator and remember some warehouses might have different demands.



EAN-code or barcode is not obligatory  to all our warehouses but it speeds up the process and narrows down the possibility of mistakes.

In most online stores there is a place for an EAN-code and it is imported along with other product information. Xlsx import or typing it manually to myOGO is also an option.

If your products don't have a barcode or SKU code attached, some OGOship warehouses can attach stickers to products while handling the stock update. We can attach the product code and/or EAN-code to each product. Please verify this per warehouse before sending in the goods.



If you change the EAN-code in your online store, the code also needs to be changed in myOGO and warehouse. The changes in EAN-codes don't transfer through API to myOGO and EAN-codes can not be changed by merchants. If EAN-code needs to be changed, contact our Merchant Care for to make the needed changes. In all the changes of critical information, name, code and such, please verify from our Merchant Care team if info is updated correctly!