MyOGO: Email notifications

How to edit your email notifications?

You can edit myOGO email notifications. You can add more notifications or deactivate the unnecessary notifications.

  1. Go to myOGO
  2. Click the person icon on the right hand side 
  3. Click the settings icon with your email
  4. Click email notifications
  5. Here you can active or deactivate notifications

Shortcut for editing notifications HERE.

The default notifications are:

  • Order gone to RESERVED, needs attention
  • Order RETURNED
  • Order STOPPED

We recommend that you activate at least:

  • Order RETURNED
  • Stock update INSTOCK, stock levels updated
  • Stock update RECEIVED at the warehouse
  • Order gone to RESERVED, needs attention
  • Order is PENDING and waiting for stock
  • Order STOPPED
  • Integration error


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