MyOGO: Order sync page

From order sync page you can see unshipped orders in your webstore and their status in myOGO.


To locate the page, go to the main menu and choose Orders  Sync webshop orders.

Or go to Orders page and open Other and select Sync webshop orders.

On this page you can see your orders on your online stores and myOGO. On the integrations side you can see order's ID, Customer, Status and Update time. On myOGO's side you can see the matching ID and the Status that the order currently is in.

The red triangles tell you if your order is not synced to myOGO. If you want to fulfill order in myOGO, you can click the order and press Fulfill order button. Order is run through checks to see it can be fulfilled. If order has correct information it is added to myOGO in NEW state. More on different order statuses here.

Once the synced order has been processed and shipped, the status can be uploaded back to the integration by selecting the order and clicking Update integration order status button. If automatic changes has been enabled in Edit merchant → Integrations, this status will update automatically.

If your integration supports multiple locations, second dropdown is accessible next to integration selection. From that you can select which location's orders are visible on the list. You can manage these locations from Edit merchant → Integrations.

By clicking Detailed search you can search orders by Id, Status, Customer, Start date and End date. You can also select how many orders are fetched, by default the amount is 200.


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