MyOGO: Returns

Return orders

When you want to return an order, go to the orders' page and click Return order.

  • Select the Delivery type and Reason type
  • If your delivery type supports tracking code, you can access the following button:
    • Add tracking code by pressing + button in Tracking codes section
  • If your delivery type supports return label, you can access the following buttons:
    • Click Create return label to save return label
    • Click Email label and instructions to customer
  • Check that Receiver has the correct information
  • Fill in the amounts for returned products (Expected count)

After all needed information is in place save the return by clicking Create.



All returns are found on Returns page. There you can easily see the status of all returns.

When the status changes to RECEIVED, the products have arrived to the warehouse.

When the status changes to INSTOCK, the products are on the shelf and ready to be ordered again.

On the Returns page, you can see the received count.

If you want to receive notifications when an order is returned, read more about email notifications.


Returns report

 Returns report lists all the shipped and returned products from given time period. You can access it from MiscCustom reports.

Select Returns report and desired time period, then click Email selected reports.

More on other reports HERE.


Read next about email notifications.