MyOGO: Stock Update

How to make a perfect Stock Update notification to myOGO?

You need to make a stock update notification before your goods arrive to an OGOship warehouse.

All incoming goods are handled by an hourly rate. Merchants can influence how fast the stock update will be done by following this guide. The key elements are the Stock update and its information as well as the product codes on the actual incoming goods.

  1. Go to myOGO
  2. Go to "Stock Updates"
  3. "Add new"
  4. Fill out at least the mandatory fields (*):
    • Reference (*): you can use "OGOship reference" with your supplier or add your own reference.
    • Supplier (*): you can add a new supplier or use the ones already created
    • Comments from merchant: here you can add comments about the incoming goods.
    • Delivery Date (*): the best estimation of the date when arriving
    • Products to be received (*): add incoming products by product name or code below or download you product list to excel, add the number of incoming goods to the xlsx sheet and import by using the xlsx-file on the right hand side.
  5. After you have completed the stock update, please remember to save it as NEW. Click the status from DRAFT to NEW and save.
  6. When the incoming goods are received according to the stock update, the status changes to RECEIVED (the products are at the warehouse).
  7. After the goods are checked, counted and placed on the shelves, the status of stock update changes to INSTOCK.
  8. Please note, if the stock update notification and the incoming goods do not match, the warehouse leaves comments about the difference. By ordering the email notification about stock updates INSTOCK, you receive the comments to your email.


Find more detailed instructions about stock update here.



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