MyOGO: User management

If you want to add more users to your myOGO merchant profile, go to the Edit merchant page. Go to Linked users page and type in the person's email you wish to link. They will receive a user ID and a password.


Please note that all users share the same privileges. If you create and link a new user to the merchant profile, that user will have the same credentials as the original user. MyOGO does not currently support different levels of users.


Tip: If you would like to order email notifications to different addresses, here are the steps how to do it:

  1. Link a new user or email address on Edit merchant page
  2. When the user is linked, sign in with this user
  3. Choose which notifications you want to order to this email

If you later wish to remove this user, press Unlink and the person will be removed. Read on multichannel sales here.


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