Order processing options

On the Edit merchant page, you can find the Order processing section. Here you can enable desired features for your orders.

  1. OGOship will split PENDING orders automatically in two orders: products ready to be delivered, and products out of stock to be delivered later. Orders can be split manually if this setting is not enabled.
  2. We recommend that you create and send shipping confirmations from your online store. OGOship's shipping confirmation will show OGOship's domains.
  3. If a receipt is received via the API, OGOship will not automatically create dispatch lists. By enabling this option, a dispatch list will always be created.
  4. If shipments go outside the EU, by enabling this option, OGOship will fill all missing customs required data for shipping. Enable this only if you never use discounts in your online store.
  5. When the setting is activated, the nearest pick-up point is added automatically if it is missing and required.
  6. Allow package shipments without phone number. There might be an additional cost for letter pickup notification.
  7. Sometimes the phone number is typed wrong or it's altogether missing, but this setting lets the shipment be sent anyway.


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