PRO-Service: Stop DHL Remote Area

Stop DHL Remote Area

DHL, one of OGOship's main shipping partners, has a surcharge for remote area deliveries. The added cost might be as high as EUR 20 and it varies as per which OGOship fulfillment center is being used.

We have created a service that helps our customers avoid this extra cost by checking the destination address and stopping the shipment before pick&pack if the shipment is going to a remote area. We will automatically send an email to our customer (the online retailer) regarding this situation. The customer can then decide whether to switch to another freight carrier or accept the added cost.

The state of the order in question will be changed to the RESERVED state, in which state the order will wait before it is either accepted (changed to the NEW state) or switched to another freight carrier (changed to the NEW state with a new shipping method).

  1. Go to myOGO.
  2. Go to Edit Merchant page
  3. Go to PRO-services on the right hand side.
  4. Activate Stop DHL Remote Area

Price: EUR 1.00 per stopped shipment only.



You can see DHL remote areas here.

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