ReBOUND Returns

Rebound is service to use to make handling returns easy.

When customers order is shipped they will receive URL link and ReBOUND reference in the confirmation email. The reference can be used on URL's page to identify order and to select orders' items they want to return. This feature can currently be implemented with Shopify integration.

This video instructs how customer can handle their return with ReBOUND:


Adding ReBOUND code to Shopify shipment email

If you have a Shopify store, you can add the ReBOUND code directly to the automated shipping confirmation email.

In your Shopify store's admin page go to SettingsNotificationsShipping confirmation.


Copy and paste the following text to the shipping confirmation email template. Now if customer has ReBOUND in use, reference and URL will be added to the confirmation email.

{% if metafields.OGOship.ReBoundReference != null %}
ReBOUND code: {{metafields.OGOship.ReBoundReference}} <br />
If you want to make a return, use the above code in the following link: {{metafields.OGOship.ReBoundUrl}} <br />
{% endif %}